Mini Corrugated Sheeting

Pantex 5 Rib Deck Sheeting is a robust profile providing strength, versatility and

Product Description

 Product Specifications
Maximum Sheet Length:Custom up to 6.0m (max. recommended)
Base Metal Thickness (mm)0.420.480.420.48
Tensile Strength (Mpa)550550550550
Total Coated Thickness (mm)0.470.530.470.53
Mass (kg/m²)3.954.484.024.58
Mass (kg/lm)3.263.703.323.78
Spanning Capability (mm)
  • Spans for internal applications only.
0.42 / 0.48mm BMT
WallsSingle Spans1200
End or Equal Span1000
Double Spans1000
Single Spans900
Fastener Selection
  • All fasteners must conform to AS3566 – Class 3.
  • Valley fix at 7 locatoins per sheet (every 5th valley).
  • Sheet overlap may require stitching using pop rivets.
TimberSteelSteel (internal only)

Type 17 – 12g x 20mm Wafer head

Self Drill – 10g x 16mm Waferhead3.2mm pop rivets
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