Roof Batten 40


Product Description

Pantex Roof Batten 40 is a 40mm deep ‘top hat’ profile, ideal for residential steel roofing applications. The Roof Batten 40 feature a safety edge to reduce the risk of injury to installers when handling and come with mitre cut ends for fast and easy installation at hips and valleys. When used as recommended, they comply with BCA requirements for wind categories N1 to N4.

 Product Specifications
Stock Lengths:6.5m
Base Metal Thickness (mm)0.55
Tensile Strength (Mpa)550
Mass (kg/lm)0.67
CoatingAluminium Zinc Alloy 150g/m² min. to AS1397
Recommended Batten Spacing
  • Edge Spacing means within 1200mm of eaves and ridge. Ridge is treated as an edge when pitch is 10° or greater.
  • Gable End spacing means within 1200mm of end or 2 truss spacing for the cases listed.
  • Please consult Pantex Roofing Systems for use outside these parameters.
Roof Cladding Profile & Fasteners per sheetWind ClassRoof LocationBatten Spacing mm (maximum)
(Cladding Span)
Trusses @ 600mm centresTrusses @ 900mm centres
Corrougated 0.42BMT 3 Screws per sheet at each battenN1 & N2Edge900900
Gable End
Gable End880
Gable End830590
5 Rib Deck 0.42BMT 4 Screws per sheet at each battenN1 & N2Edge13001300
Gable End1370
Gable End1320880
Gable End880590
Fastener Selection
  • For battens fixed to timber or steel trusses.
  • One (1) screw into each flange, directly opposite
  • Screws to have hexagon head with neoprene sealing washers.
TimberSteel (1.0mm G550 min.)
Type 17 – 12g x 40mmSelf Drill – 12g x 20mm
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