Temporary Downpipe

Product Description

Pantex Roofing Systems Temporary Downpipe easily connects to gutter outlets to provide an efficient and effective way to manage the storm water runoff from your building construction sites.

In addition to providing a time-efficient and cost-effective solution to the legislative requirements for environmental protection, sediment and erosion control on building sites, Pantex Roofing Systems Temporary Downpipes allow construction work to continue unhindered, prior to the installation of permanent downpipes. These Temporary Downpipes will also protect your brick and timber work from water damage and staining.

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Temporary Downpipe On Site

Product Specifications

  • Made from UV-resistant, heavy duty LLDPE (strong, yet flexible)
  • Available in 25m rolls (equates to approximately 8 Temporary Downpipes)
  • 1m pre-marked sections for easy measuring (simply cut to your required length)



Made from flexible, UV-resistant polypropylene, our Temporary Downpipes attach to downpipe drops and can be cut to the required length for connection to storm water drainage at ground level.

By safely diverting rain and storm water away from your construction sites, our Temporary Downpipes reduce the amount of silt being washed into storm water systems and waterways, helping to limit environmental damage and ensure you comply with the strict regulatory requirements for on-site erosion and sediment control.

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