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"Making Life Easier for Roofers & Builders"

Introducing – The Grand Half Round Gutter

Where Good Looks and Clever Design Come Full Circle

In Queensland, rainfall is always welcome, especially when it provides us with much-needed relief from the sometimes oppressive heat and humidity of summer. But somewhere we don’t want rain to be, is inside our homes and businesses. Pantex Roofing Systems has developed the Grand Half Round Gutter to meet the specific demands of Queensland’s sub-tropical climate. Request a sample today!

Designed to Prevent Water Damage

A key consideration when designing a high-performing gutter system is preventing damage to homes, commercial and industrial buildings caused by the ingress of rainwater. Water overflow is more likely to occur during high-intensity rainfall events when, due to either poor design or a restricted flow, the gutter system is unable to cope with the volume of water.

Want to know more? The Product Brochure provides more details about the performance and specifications of our competitively priced Grand Half Round Gutter .

To reduce the risk of rainwater flowing back into the walls and internal structures of buildings, overflow measures must be sized to accommodate a one-in-100 year rainfall event. The generous size of our Grand Half Round Gutter gives it the greatest water-carrying capacity of any 150mm gutter currently available. This not only means that high volumes of rainwater can be quickly and safely transported away, it also brings a significant design benefit – with fewer downpipes required, there are more options for integrating their placement into the design of a building or home. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or if you’d like to request a sample.

Enhance the Look and Feel of Your Home

At Pantex Roofing Systems, we don’t see guttering as an afterthought, we view guttering systems as a critical design feature to enhance the overall look and feel of your home or business. With its smooth, curved lines, non-slotted high front and moulded corners, there’s no doubt the Grand Half Round Gutter possesses a stylish, modern design; but the benefits go way beyond mere aesthetics.

The cast alloy external brackets of the Grand Half Round Gutter provide an inbuilt rear overflow for efficient water disposal, and eliminate internal obstructions. The smooth internal surface reduces the likelihood of any debris collecting in the gutters, making cleaning and maintaining your gutters a fast, effortless process.

Our Grand Half Round Gutter doesn’t do things by halves. Good looks and clever design come full circle to form a high quality, superior performance gutter system. You can download the brochure here , or contact us to request a sample.