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Tips for Good Roof and Gutter Maintenance

roof and gutter maintenance

Everyone knows how essential roof and gutter maintenance is for the proper upkeep and day-to-day functioning of their living space. But how exactly do you take proper care of your roof and gutter system?

At Pantex Roofing Systems, our team and partners have decades of experience in manufacturing, installing and maintaining roof and gutter supplies – we know a thing or two about keeping them in full working order.

In today’s post, we’re breaking down everything there is to know about solid roof and gutter maintenance, and where people tend to go wrong.

Taking good care of your roof and gutters is equally important for renters and homeowners. It’s such an important maintenance task – one that saves you a lot of money and actively increases the value of your home.

Ensure properly sloped gutters for good drainage

roof and gutter maintenance

If you’ve noticed that your gutters aren’t sloped or angled enough to allow for good drainage in the event of severe or even moderate rain, that’s officially now your number-one home maintenance priority. Anyone who’s experienced flood damage thanks to bad gutter installation will tell you that.

Prevention is always better than cure, so before you set about doing any maintenance of any kind, ensure that your gutters are up to scratch and properly angled so they can drain effectively.

Leaf removal

roof and gutter maintenance

Removing leaves from your roof and gutters is another of the most important home maintenance tasks out there. We’ve seen too many gutters clogged up with leaves and sticks and all kinds of natural debris.

Minimise that and keep an eye on it to prevent clogging, flooding and other nasties.

Branch trimming

This flows on from the previous tip. If you’ve got any trees directly above or in any contact with your gutters, your safest bet is to completely get rid of them. Trim the branches back so you’re not having to get up there and rake out leaves all the time. That’s no fun.

The same goes for your roof. Regularly removing leaves from your roof will dramatically minimise potential damages and build-up.


This mightn’t occur to everyone as a practical handyman tip, but make it easier for yourself and pick a good time to do the more comprehensive maintenance tasks. There’s nothing worse than being stuck outside in the heat, working on the roof, getting sunburnt and dehydrated. Make sure the weather’s mild and save yourself the stress!

Keep it regular

roof and gutter maintenance

Keep your roof and gutter maintenance regular, just like any other maintenance task. At least once every couple of months is a good starting point. Believe us – it’s going to save you a lot of money and time in the long run.

What else to consider

These days, most gutters being made and sold are an aluminium-zinc coated steel which has great corrosion protection. However left contaminated with debris, they are still susceptible to premature corrosion and damage.

The main takeaway is that no matter their structural makeup or base material, you need to practice regular roof and gutter maintenance to minimise damage and keep your home in tip-top shape.

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roof and gutter maintenance

To look through our roofing and gutter options, check out our Roofing Materials Range. If you’re interested in hearing more about how we can help you plan your roof and gutter system, and for any more maintenance tips, contact us today. We’ll be happy to chat with you about it.