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Enhance Your Home with Insulated Roof Panels

Have you ever wanted more space to relax with family and friends? Wish you could put your backyard to better use? Or maybe you’d like to invite the outdoors in? Our insulated roof panels can help make these dreams a reality. 

Insulated Panels

As Queenslanders, we enjoy an enviable climate all year long, so it makes sense for us to maximise the time we spend outside. Of course, we don’t want our time spent outdoors to compromise our comfort or detract from our home’s style. There’s no better way to bring the outdoors in and expand your family’s living space than with our Insulated Roofing Panels. Talk to us about how we can help you create a stylish indoor-outdoor space.

Insulated Panels

Constructed from a unique combination of materials, our insulated roofing panels provide a weather tight cover with superior insulation properties to help keep you cool in summer and warm in winter. Each panel consists of a pre-painted steel underside complete with a tongue and groove roll formed edge, bonded to an expanded polystyrene core and a profiled roofing sheet on the top side.

Our innovative pre-finished roofing panels provide a coloured steel roof topside, insulated core, and ceiling – all in one product. The large (gutter to post) spans and interlocking design of our panels make them easy to install and provide your space with a modern, uninterrupted ceiling finish. The streamlined, uncluttered appearance of our panels, combined with their exceptional strength, means that fewer support beams are needed. Talk to us about how you can add value to your home and expand your outdoor living space.

Insulated Panels

With three thicknesses, seven popular roofing sheet colours and two roofing profile options Corrugated Roofing Panel or Ribbed Roofing Panel to choose from, Pantex Roofing Systems have the perfect solution to suit. Our insulated panels offer an all-in-one design solution for your patio, deck, pergola or carport roofing needs.

Benefits of Insulated Panel Roofs

  • Large panel spans and strong construction means more open space and greater cost savings, due to fewer supporting posts.
  • Polystyrene core provides outstanding thermal performance for a comfortable living space in both hot and cold temperatures.
  • All-in-one (roof, insulation and ceiling) high quality product is quick to install and easy to maintain, saving time and money in the short and long term.
  • Stylish, versatile design with assorted colours, roofing profiles and insulation thicknesses to choose from, to suit most project design.

Insulated Panels

Our Insulated Roofing Panels help create more space for the things you love to do – entertaining friends, enjoying a casual family dinner, or simply relaxing out of the elements. If you’ve ever wanted to expand the living area of your home, talk to us today about how our Insulated Roofing Panels can help create your dream alfresco space.