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Which of Our Colorbond® Colours Best Suits Your Home?

colorbond colours

Colorbond® roofing has been trusted by Australian homeowners for more than 50 years, and there are more colour schemes than ever available for your property. With 22 roof colours offered in their range, it’s hard to reach a firm decision on the best Colorbond® colour option for your home. We have listed some popular colour schemes for urban, rural and seaside properties that are sure to keep your home looking modern and inviting.

Subtle Shades for Rural and Country Properties

Rural properties generally have the widest variation of colour schemes when it comes to roofs. Blues, greens and yellows are common, with darker shades more prominent for traditional properties. Manor Red and Cottage Green are striking options for rural properties, while Pale Eucalypt and Wallaby are popular subtle shades in the country. It’s worth considering the trees and flora in your local area when making a decision on colours for rural properties.

Understated Urban Options

Generally, colour schemes for urban and inner city properties are more understated than their rural counterparts. White, grey and silver roofing colours tend to be the norm, and you would be wise not to stray too far from this convention. Basalt, Classic Cream, Shale Grey and Monument are great Colorbond® colours for urban properties, but you might want to utilise some creativity when it comes to renders, brickwork and facades to stand out from the crowd.

colorbond colours

Soothing Shades by the Seaside

As a strong and weather-resistant material, Colorbond® steel is excellent for coastal properties, and there are many colour palettes suitable for seaside homes. Colours that closely match the surf and the sand are most common, with Deep Ocean, Windspray and Ironstone some of our more popular options. As for general home colour schemes, weathered timber and glass features are popular trends that complement the colours we have mentioned.

We also remind our customers located close to the coast that Colorbond also offer specialist product grades to suit more demanding environments such as coastal regions. This includes  Colorbond® Ultra Steel and Colorbond® Stainless Steel. Colorbond® offer a helpful guide to help you select the right product and to understand any impact your location may have on your product warranty.

Colour Outside the Lines for Composite Homes

With composite homes becoming increasingly popular, owners are looking to stand out with numerous colour schemes and material textures. While this can give your property a personal touch and a bit of individuality, dramatic colour schemes can be a turnoff for potential buyers. Give some thought to the colour schemes of surrounding properties before letting your imagination run too wild.

For those who want to see how Colorbond® colours match up on roofs, fascias and doors, Colorbond® offer a handy colour visualisation guide that allows you to see the entire range in action using a number of example properties.

colorbond colours

Choose from the Colorbond® Range at Pantex Roofing Systems

Pantex Roofing Systems have been proudly manufacturing Colorbond® steel roofing for more than 30 years, and we have no plans to slow down. We provide options to suit commercial, industrial and residential properties, and our advanced estimating system allows you to budget your project effectively.

For more information on Colorbond® roofing colours, give us a call on (07) 3897 8200 from 6:30am to 5:00pm Monday to Friday, or email