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The Long-Term Value of Metal Roof Sarking

By December 4, 2017Blog, Roofing

The Long-Term Value of Metal Roof Sarking-pantex-blogWhile COLORBONDⓇ steel and ZINCALUMEⓇ steel roofs are durable and long-lasting, there are other protective considerations that homeowners must make when planning a roof installation. One such option is metal roof sarking, which provides a protective membrane under your roof that carries a range of benefits for the life of your home. Complete roof installation is a big investment, and we detail in this article how metal roof sarking can provide greater peace of mind and potentially save you money in the long run.

What Is Metal Roof Sarking?

Put simply, sarking is a form of reflective foil laminate, and is sometimes referred to as RFL. Rolled out and positioned in sections under your roof during installation, sarking has become more common in recent years as inexpensive protection against moisture and dust entering your ceiling space. Sarking has a range of practical applications once fitted, and is considered a good safeguard against the more unpredictable elements of Australian weather.

Metal roof sarking can really only be fitted as part of a complete roof installation, so ensure you are aware of the benefits before you make a decision.

How Can It Protect Your Home?

Metal roof sarking carries a range of protection benefits. In the long term, sarking can protect your roof cavity from mould growth, ceiling staining or other forms of damage caused by heavy rain getting in. It can also prevent dust from entering your house through gaps around vents or downlights, as the protective membrane limits draughts in the roof cavity.

When it comes to metal roofs, sarking is considered to be important as it prevents condensation that can cause rusting. Without sarking, condensation can form on the underside of roof panels, leading to early rusting and even dripping down to rot timber and damage plaster. Sarking is specially designed to stop moisture flowing both in and out of the roof cavity, acting as a vapour barrier.

In bushfire prone areas, metal roof sarking is mandatory as it can protect your home against airborne embers entering your ceiling space during a bushfire. Sarking also carries comfort benefits for houses in warm areas. While COLORBOND® steel and ZINCALUME® steel roofing is already thermally efficient, the reflective quality of sarking will further improve thermal performance and keep your house cooler in summer. When positioned adjacent to an airflow cavity in a ceiling space, sarking can enhance the insulation contribution (R-Value) of your home, reducing radiant heat and improving overall energy efficiency.

EnviroSeal Resiwrap from Pantex Roofing SystemsThe Long-Term Value of Metal Roof Sarking-pantex-blog2


Here at Pantex, we supply and trust an extra heavy duty product called EnviroSeal Resiwrap for metal roof sarking and wall wrapping. Resiwrap is composed of a polymer weave fabric with polymer coating, layered with aluminium foil secured by fire-retardant adhesive. The reflective qualities of the foil allow for better thermal efficiency, while the polymer weave provides superior tear resistance. Available in rolls 60m long and 1.35m wide, Resiwrap is ideal for a range of residential applications.

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