Grand Half Round 150 Gutter


Product Description


The Pantex Grand Half Round 150 Gutter is Grand in both performance and looks! It has a stylish, modern appearance with smooth clean lines, non-slotted high front and moulded corners. It has the greatest water carrying capacity of any 150mm gutter and can safely discharge water in extreme weather events due to its 10mm integrated rear spacer. The Grand Half Round 150mm gutter is the perfect solution for long roof sheet lengths common on skillion roofs in both residential and commercial applications.

Product Specifications:

Maximum Length: Custom up to 9.0m
Base Metal Thickness (mm) 0.42 0.42
Tensile Strength (Mpa) 550 550
Mass (kg/lm) 1.10 1.12
With Corestrip No Yes

Water Capacity Specifications:

Effective cross sectional area 9400mm²
Roof area per downpipe (SEQ)  65m²

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Color Range:

COLORBOND Contemporary Colour Range

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