Squareline 125 Gutter

Product Description


The Pantex Squareline 125 Gutter, slotted or unslotted, is a large capacity high front gutter ideal for hiding the ends of roof tiles and sheeting.  Providing a bold, square look, it is widely used across various applications including residential dwellings, industrial and commercial projects, and re-roofing projects.

Squareline 125 CAD Drawing

Product Specifications

Maximum Length:Custom up to 8.0m
Base Metal Thickness (mm)0.420.42
Tensile Strength (Mpa)550550
Mass (kg/lm)1.201.22
With CorestripNoYes

Water Capacity Specifications

Effective cross sectional area6400mm²7500mm²
Roof area per downpipe (SEQ)40m²45m²

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Color Range:

COLORBOND Contemporary Colour Range

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