Roofing Sunshine Coast

For over 30 years, Pantex Roofing have been supplying roofing products for homes and businesses on the Sunshine Coast and surrounds. We’ve got a proud history of providing Queenslanders with high-quality products and unbeatable customer service – and we’re growing all the time.

Our story

Pantex started out as a small business on the Redcliffe Peninsula, supplying products for garage manufacturers and builders. Our simple approach to producing quality products efficiently gave us an edge over our competitors.

Customers quickly recognised the value of our services and soon enough, we started expanding. Today, we’re one of Brisbane’s leading roofing suppliers.

Making life easier since 1985

We make life easy for our customers with our innovative products and extensive array of services. Our special offers include:

  • A high-capacity half round gutter (link to Grand Half Round page)
  • Prompt, accurate quotes and estimates
  • State-of-the-art on-site facilities and technology
  • Unbeatable production lead times

Get a free quote now

If you’re looking into roofing services on the Sunshine Coast, get a free quote today. Our advanced estimating system makes it quick and easy to get a quote on whatever type of project you’re involved in, wherever you are.

Get in contact

Pantex Roofing is an all-service roofing supplier that places its customers first, always. We can provide detailed quotes from construction plans for new houses, industrial buildings and multi-residential projects with all the materials needed to complete your project. To top it off we also have a range of quality roofing contractors we can recommend based on your project.

Check out our range of roofing materials and contact us now to get started on your next roofing project on the Sunshine Coast and surrounds.