Mini Corrugated Sheeting

Product Description


Pantex Corrugated Sheeting is a classic Australian profile with soft curves and flowing lines.  It is the dominant choice in residential roofing applications due to its strength, style and ease of handling and installation.  Pantex Corrugated is also suitable for use as a wall cladding and able to be installed both horizontally and vertically.

 Product Specifications:

Maximum Sheet Length:Custom up to 6.0m (max. recommended)
Base Metal Thickness (mm)0.420.480.420.48
Tensile Strength (Mpa)550550550550
Total Coated Thickness (mm)0.470.530.470.53
Mass (kg/m²)3.954.484.024.58
Mass (kg/lm)3.263.703.323.78

Spanning Capability (mm):

  • Spans for internal applications only.
0.42 / 0.48mm BMT
WallsSingle Spans1200
End or Equal Span1000
Double Spans1000
Single Spans900

Fastener Selection:

  • All fasteners must conform to AS3566 – Class 3.
  • Valley fix at 7 locatoins per sheet (every 5th valley).
  • Sheet overlap may require stitching using pop rivets.
TimberSteelSteel (internal only)

Type 17 – 12g x 20mm Wafer head

Self Drill – 10g x 16mm Waferhead3.2mm pop rivets

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Color Range:

COLORBOND Contemporary Colour Range

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