Conceal Fix Sheeting

Product Description


Pantex Conceal Fix Sheeting is a deep rib profile with wide pans and concealed fixing which provides clean lines free of external fasteners.  It better provides for thermal expansion and contraction enabling longer sheet lengths before requiring expansion joints.  These qualities make it a common choice for large industrial and commercial projects.


 Product Specifications:

Maximum Sheet Length: Custom over 20.0m – please contact us
Base Metal Thickness (mm) 0.42 0.48 0.42 0.48
Minimum Pitch
Tensile Strength (Mpa) 550 550 550 550
Total Coated Thickness (mm) 0.47 0.53 0.47 0.53
Mass (kg/m²) 4.66 5.29 4.74 5.37
Mass (kg/lm) 3.26 3.70 3.32 3.78

Spanning Capability (mm):

  • Roof capabilities based on ‘normal’ foot traffic and wind resistance.
  • Wall capabilities based on wind pressures for transverse fluted material.
  • Based on supports of no less than 1.0mm BMT.
0.42mm BMT 0.48mm BMT
Roofs Single Span 1650 2050
End Span 1750 1200
Internal Span 2200 1600
Unstiffened Eave Overhang 150 200
Stiffened Eave Overhang 150 200
Walls Single Span 2600 3000
End Span 3000 3000
Internal Span 3000 3000
Overhang 150 200

Fastener Selection (to attach Conceal Fix Bracket):

  • All fasteners must conform to AS3566 – Class 3
  • Screws to have hexagon head.
  • Use 3 screws per clip
  • Longer screws may be easier to install (e.g. Self Drill 12g x 30mm)
Hardwood J1 – J3 Softwood J4 Steel

Single thickness (1.0mm – 3.0mm)


Total lapped thickness (1.0mm – 3.8mm)

Roofs and Walls Type 17 – 12g x 25mm Type 17 – 12g x 45mm Self Drill – 12g x 20mm

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Color Range:

COLORBOND Contemporary Colour Range

Download the full color range:



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