Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question about our Brisbane roofing supplies or services? We’ve probably answered it below. If we haven’t, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Do you supply and install roofing and guttering?

We are a manufacturer and supply only. We do not install but can recommend installers in your area to contact you to quote

Can you tell me about Colorbond warranty for my roof?

Here is a link to the Colorbond warranty website where you can confirm materials and warranties for your home.

When do you use Colorbond Ultra and how much is it?

The COLORBOND® Ultra steel range of products is especially designed for severe coastal and industrial environments – where there may be a smell of salt or salt spray in the air, approximately 100 to 200m from breaking surf. Similarly, the effects of industrial emissions (fumes and/or particulate fallout) are typically lessened 100 to 200m from the source.

For more specific information about choosing the correct grade of COLORBOND steel, please see the effects of location page.

All COLORBOND Ultra steel projects are quoted on a per project basis so please contact us to discuss your project.

How do I place an order?

Email or call 3897 8200

Do you have stock lengths that we can order and collect?

We are a manufacturer and roll to order so if you confirm quantities and lengths we will quote or deliver generally next day

What are maximum lengths of products?

5 Rib Deck Sheeting              24m

Corrugated Sheeting              18m

Fascia and Gutter                     9m

Rolltop Ridge & Valleys           9m

Flashings                                    8m

Gable roll                                   4m

Where are you located?

16 Magnesium Street, Narangba Q 4504

What time are you open?

6.30am to 5.00pm, Monday to Friday

How do I get a Form 15?

They are all available for download on our website here.