Foil Faced Building Blanket

Product Description


Foil Faced Building Blanket insulation is proven to be one of the most effective ways of controlling temperature and reducing unwanted noise.  Bradford Anticon supplied by Pantex Roofing Systems combines two very effective forms of insulation into a single product to provide these benefits.  The reflective foil acts as a barrier, which reduces the radiant heat entering the roof space by up to 97% and also controls condensation, while the insulation blanket absorbs outside noise and dramatically slows the transfer of heat into and out of your home.

 Product Specifications:

Product Base Blanket
Dimensions Area
per pack
Anticon 60 RM 1.3 60mm 15m x 1200mm 18m²
Anticon 800 RM 1.8 80mm 15m x 1200mm 18m²
Anticon 100 RM 2.3 100mm 10m x 1200mm 12m²


Anticon Blanket is designed to provide efficient acoustic & thermal insulation as well as condensation control under metal deck, fibre cement and concrete roofs in residential or commercial applications. The name Anticon reflects the anti-condensation function of this product.

Typical applications include:

  • Residential and commercial metal clad roofs;
  • Under concrete slabs/soffits in roofs, car parks, etc.
  • Commercial and industrial fibre cement roofs eg. offices, shopping centres, warehouses.

Designed to reduce rain and aircraft noise, Anticon can also substantially reduce reverberant noise within the building.

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