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Why You Should Hire a Professional for Metal Roof Installation

In the digital age, you can find a DIY (do-it-yourself) tutorial for almost anything. But does this mean that you should forgo the expertise of a professional? Metal roof installation is one of the more challenging jobs a DIY expert can attempt, and it is not without significant risk. In this post, we have compiled the main considerations you need to make when weighing up whether to hire a contractor for metal roof installation (hint: we don’t recommend DIY roofing!).

metal roof installation

Understand the task at hand

It is vital that you fully comprehend the amount of work involved in metal roof installation before making the decision to go the DIY route. You must consider the chance of underlying damage to planks and boards that need replacement, disposal costs for old roof materials and the potential future costs if the job doesn’t go to plan and you to have to call in a contractor. Roof replacement is not a job for a beginner – when you get a quote from a professional contractor, you can budget accordingly and rest assured that you won’t be hit with unforeseen expenses in the future.

How safe is it really?

Experienced roofing contractors are familiar with the dangers of working at heights. Queensland Workplace Health and Safety regulations outline the specific dangers associated with roof construction – professional contractors are equipped to counter these risks with appropriate safety gear and heights training. The safety gear you would need to purchase to perform a DIY job (including a safety harness, extra-long ladder and protective gloves) paired with the cost of roofing materials would likely counteract any savings you would make from forgoing a professional.

You can’t control the weather

Professional roofing contractors are trained to work safely despite adverse weather conditions, and they know the importance of getting a roofing job completed quickly and efficiently. A DIY job will take much longer than hiring a professional. This means that you will probably have to set up temporary tarps on your roof, and these can easily become damaged (along with your roof and the interior of your home) in the event of strong wind, rain or storms.

Getting it right the first time

The main motivator for DIY roofing is the potential savings. While it may be cheaper initially, there is significant risk of further expenses due to mistakes and lack of roof expertise. You may not be covered under manufacturer warranty if you damage the roofing materials you are working with, and any mistakes could also potentially damage the structure of your home.

It is important to understand the nuances of how your building supplies are protected under warranty before starting work. At Pantex Roofing Systems, we supply BlueScope Steel products that come with warranties that differ depending on how the supplies are used. BlueScope offer a warranty estimator to determine how you may best protect your investment.

metal roof installation

Get advice from Pantex Roofing Systems

While it is possible to save money (initially, at least) on a DIY roof installation project, we feel that the potential risks outweigh the advantages. As providers of high-quality roofing supplies, we can put you in contact with trusted roofing contractors in your area. We have contacts across Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast who can give you a quick quote and help you establish a budget. With over 30 year’s experience in roofing supplies, we have the expertise to get your project up and running. For any enquiries, contact us on (07) 3897 8200 or use our online contact form.