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8 Reasons the Pantex Grand Half Round Gutter Is The Best Gutter For SEQ

8 Reasons To Choose the Grand Half Round Gutter-blog-banner

  1. Highest water-carrying capacity of any 150mm gutter on the market
  2. Inbuilt overflow is capable of handling skillion sheet lengths up to 24 metres
  3. Big capacity means fewer downpipes
  4. The use of external brackets reduces blockages and maintenance
  5. It’s beautiful design, colour options and smooth lines compliment modern home design
  6. Colour-matching corner brackets save time and money during installation
  7. Priced lower than the Squareline, the great value will surprise you
  8. COLORBOND® or ZINCALUME® by BlueScope add industry-leading warranties

Style, Quality, Performance…and Value

Our Grand Half Round Gutter features unslotted and smooth, clean lines, and can be finished in any of the COLORBOND® colours with colour-matched external corner brackets to suit an existing home or new design. Backed by BlueScope Steel, this gutter is unparalleled in terms of style and performance and quality.

BlueScope Steel products have an outstanding reputation for long-term durability and industry leading warranties, so you can be confident your Pantex Grand Half Round 150 is good for the long haul, withstanding our harsh Queensland rainfall.

Given the unmatched water-carrying capacity of the Pantex Grand Half Round 150, homeowners will need fewer downpipes than they would with competing products. As well as reducing construction time and cost, the result is a home design which is complimented by an aesthetically pleasing roof structure.

Not only is the Pantex Grand Half Round 150 stylish and efficient, it is surprising the experts with its excellent value, being priced at a lower cost than the traditional premium Squareline alternative.

8 Reasons To Choose the Grand Half Round Gutter-half-round-gutter-blog

Rainwater Where You Want It

A key design feature of the Pantex Grand Half Round Gutter is the ability to prevent ingress of water during extreme weather conditions. As you know, unexpected and prolonged downpours are common in South East Queensland, and builders can be confident recommending this gutter to prevent rainwater flowing inside walls and internal structures.

The Pantex Grand Half Round 150 has the highest water carrying capacity of any 150mm gutter on the market. An effective capacity of 9400mm² across gutter cross-sectional areas gives homeowners peace of mind that their rainwater is going exactly where they want it to. A 10mm integrated spacer assures overflow needs.

External Corner Brackets Save Time and Add Value

As a leading gutter system for Australian homes, the Pantex Grand Half Round Gutter has been designed with installation efficiency in mind. External corner brackets can be a challenge for many builders and roofers often slowing down the installation and potentially adding to the build cost.

With this in mind, Pantex Roofing Systems offer external corner brackets that are quick and easy to assemble and fit. Roofers simply drop the corner brackets into place during installation, before sealing them with silicone and pop rivets. The result is a strong and visually pleasing solution.

Our external corner brackets are colour matched to suit your COLORBOND® steel Grand Half Round Gutter and are manufactured for quality via an aluminium diecast process.

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