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COLORBOND® steel introduces refreshed colour palette

By October 14, 2022Colorbond, Roofing

The colours of Australia


COLORBOND® steel introduces refreshed colour palette. We’re about ready to fulfil your orders!

COLORBOND® steel roofing has been trusted by generations of Australian homeowners for more than 50 years. Versatile in all settings, COLORBOND® steel is uniquely designed to withstand and complement some of Australia’s most challenging and rugged environments.

Pantex Roofing Systems have been proudly manufacturing COLORBOND® steel roofing for more than 35 years, and we have no plans to slow down. We are excited to see this unveiling of a new industry chapter that advances a continuing progression of design and sustainability innovations.


The key changes announced are the introduction of three new colours to the standard COLORBOND® steel range. They are:

Dover White™



We will also see the retirement of Cove®, Mangrove® and Terrain®  from the standard COLORBOND® steel range.

For our valued customers, we anticipate these new changes will translate to a welcoming increase in energy efficiencies and design choices for architects, builders and homeowners alike.

The evocative new COLORBOND® steel additions.

Inspired by and celebrating the natural colour depths of the Australian landscape.


If you have any questions regarding these new changes or would like to place an order, please contact our customer service team today on 3897 8200 or