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Best Value Gutter - Grand Half Round 150 GutterPublished by Master Building Association Queensland, Building Source Directory, May 2018: The half round gutter has recently evolved, and its newest profile is emerging as the gutter of choice for Builders and Homeowners in SE Queensland. This evolution responds to repeated extreme weather events, building code changes and increased demand from Builders and Certifiers. Earlier profiles demonstrated some limitations when adapting to metal fascia as they had been developed for use with timber fascia. Also, the capacity and slotted profile of these earlier half round gutters did not meet changes to building codes and the need to perform in extreme weather events.

Fast forward and Pantex Roofing Systems launched their new Grand Half Round 150 Gutter in 2017 offering the quality, capacity, style and value custom Builders were seeking. Designed and manufactured by Pantex, the Grand Half Round 150 Gutter features increased capacity and unslotted smooth, clean lines plus inbuilt overflow that prevented blockages and reduced maintenance. Made from COLORBOND® steel, the feedback is that this gutter is unparalleled in terms of style, performance and quality.

Real value and long terms benefits for homeowners


The Grand Half Round 150 Gutter is a high performance gutter, designed with Queensland’s extreme weather conditions in mind. For the homeowner, the benefits are its increased capacity, inbuilt overflow and contemporary styling, leading to fewer downpipes. The external brackets mean reduced blockages and low maintenance. There are very real long term benefits for the homeowner and this translates to great value in their new home or re-roofing budget.

Communication of benefits along the supply chain is vital to its success

Half Round GutterWhen first released, Pantex Roofing Systems managed some initial concerns that this emerging product could cause disruption to the traditional supply chain. Meeting the demands of homeowners, builders and certifiers, Roofers can now appreciate that this new gutter system offered value. Involving some extra time for the installation of external brackets, it wasn’t long before the upskilled fixers and the outstanding results for Roofers, started to speak for themselves.

The Pantex Grand Half Round 150 Gutter includes a system for external corner brackets that are efficient to assemble and fit. Roofers simply drop the high quality corner brackets into place during installation, before sealing them with silicone and pop rivets. The result is a strong and visually superior solution.

Application and specifications

A key design feature of the Pantex Grand Half Round 150 Gutter is the ability to prevent ingress of water during extreme weather conditions. Builders can be confident recommending this gutter to prevent rainwater flowing inside walls and internal structures. A 10mm integrated spacer assures overflow needs.

The Pantex Grand Half Round 150 Gutter has the highest water carrying capacity of any 150mm gutter on the market. An effective capacity of 9400mm² across gutter cross-sectional areas gives homeowners peace of mind that their rainwater is going exactly where they want it to. It can accommodate roof sheet lengths up to 24 metres in SE Queensland.

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