Wind Driven Roof Ventilator

Product Description

Wind Driven Roof Ventilator

The Wind Driven Roof Ventilator is an efficient solution for exhausting heat and moisture from your roof space without using electrical energy. Suitable for both metal and tile roofs, this ventilator helps reduce the load on air conditioning by removing heat and replacing it with fresh outside air. It also manages moisture, reducing the risk of moisture-related damage to your home, and improves air quality by replacing stale and polluted air with outside air.

Product Specifications

Varipitch Diameter 300mm
Materials Aluminium Turbine, varipitch & flashing
Product Weight 1.90kg
Wind Speed Rating 205 km/hr
Ball Bearings High carbon chromium steel ball bearings

Specialised Applications:

Pantex Roofing Systems offers a range of additional residential Roof Ventilator product options tailored to suit specific requirements, including installations in coastal regions, sheds, wet areas or bushfire zones.

For more details on selecting the suitable Roof Ventilator for specialised applications, please reach out to our customer service team.

Wind Driven Roof Ventilator Residential homes
Wind Driven Roof Ventilator BAL Residential homes in bushfire zones up to BAL40
SupaVentTM Residential homes near coastal areas
TurboBeamTM Residential homes near coastal areas, sheds, garages or workshops.
Roof Valve (Static Roof Ventilator) Wet areas, bathroom, kitchen & laundry

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